Disputes relating to children

We have expert children solicitors who will help you with all aspects of children matters. We cater for individuals based on their own personal needs, rather than generalising, as we understand every situation is different. Where proceedings have been issued at court, the court will not take the side of any party involved, but will do what is best for the child.

Orders which involve children are called Child Arrangement Orders. A child arrangement order sets out who the child will live with and spend time with.

There are other orders which the Court can make, these are:

A Prohibited Steps Order which is granted to ensure a child’s safety. This is usually granted where the child is at risk of being removed out of the jurisdiction of England and Wales. This can be granted by the Court at an emergency hearing.

A Specific Issue Order which is telling what one parent must do for the child. Examples are what school your child should attend, whether your child should see a certain medical profession. It is specific to each individual need.

A Parental Responsibility Order is an order giving a father parental responsibility, if you are not named on the birth certificate. You do not have to issue proceedings, if this is agreed between you. We can help draft a parental responsibility agreement between you.

Matters relating to children are often very complex, and can last a long time, but with the right people by your side it can be a less stress-free process.

We will not only provide you with legal advice but be with you every step of the way. We can contact you by email, telephone, face to face and many more. We will represent you at court so that you are not alone. We will continue to be by your side all the way till the dispute ends.

Where children are involved it is important to gain the best advice, from a professional. This will help strengthen your case as you will need representation during proceedings. Contacting a legal professional will put you at ease, allowing you to understand the legal procedure and what will happen next.

We understand that matters relating to children are a sensitive topic but we are always at hand to provide you with the support you need.

Our experienced team deal with family cases on a daily basis, so if you have any concerns relating to your children then please contact us by email fariha@portobellasolicitors.co.uk or telephone 01274 502814 to book a time to meet with us.

You can also use our online enquiry form below. We offer fixed fees for children matters, so you are clear on the cost of your matter from the outset.