Cohabiting Couples

If you are cohabiting and are facing difficulties within your relationship, or are entering into a new relationship and intend to cohabit, contact our team today to seek advice.

The breakdown of a relationship is a difficult time and can become even more stressful if you are unclear as to your financial situation.

The law is the same, whether you have lived together for 2 years or 22 years. Once you separate, you will only ever get what you owned. There is no duty for one partner to maintain the other partner and you will not be entitled to claim for a share of what your partner owes.

If you have children together, then there is additional complexities and you can issue proceedings for the children.

This is a complex area of law and you should contact our specialist team. As with any proceedings, these can be costly and we will therefore provide you with costs estimates from the outset, so you can decide whether it is proportionate for you to litigate. We always encourage clients to enter into mediation and try to settle matters before issuing proceedings.